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Apr 22 2008

Greystone Cartel

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Lulu was home for a few hours on Sunday but she didn’t have much time to hang out because of an obligation at 5:30 sharp. She had an instance. What’s an “instance”? you might ask. I have no idea, but it has something to do with killing monsters. For an hour she hammered frantically at […]

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Dec 27 2007

Spider Wars

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From a distance I thought the blob on the wall by the icebox was a spider. “Lulu! Come here QUICKLY!” Lulu strolled in several minutes later. Investigating what I was pointing at, she saw only opportunity. She rolled up a newspaper and let out a squeal as she swatted at the spot. Which of course […]

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Dec 12 2007

Down in the Valley

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Today I drove the hour-and-a-half into the big valley to Lulu’s dorm to pick up the cacti and dirty laundry that are coming home for Christmas break. When I arrived, the building was spitting out a stream of young people as alarms blared and corridor lights flashed. The exiting kids looked at me funny as […]

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