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Sep 27 2007

Where, Oh Where

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I really don’t get it. Why am I so distraught? It’s the natural order of things that one’s child grows up and moves on. At least we hope that’s what they choose to do. There are always people like poor old (my age) Billy P. who still lives with his mother. (Maybe if he’d just […]

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Sep 25 2007

On Becoming One’s Mother

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Okay, this is really weird. As soon as I left for college back in nineteen-aught-seventy-two, my mother started sending clippings: first, newspaper articles about acquaintances’ weddings. Then the jobs, honors and children of these same people. Now, of course, the deaths have started rolling in, mostly of adults important to me when I was young, […]

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Sep 22 2007

My Little College Girl

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Tomorrow Lulu leaves for college. That day that I first brought her back from the hospital seems like two or three lifetimes ago, and yet it also seems like last week. Oh, wait: I never brought her back from any hospital. I must have mixed her up with someone else. She was born at home. […]

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