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Dec 19 2007

Sweet Sorrow?

I don’t think parting is so bloody sweet. As my airport shuttle pulled away on this cold, bright day, I waved at my small, door-framed mother until she was only a teeny pinepoint, as my father once said. My driver was a compact pistol of a woman about my age, with hair dyed as black […]

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Oct 03 2007

Misery Loves Company?

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As I try to figure out good ways to plow through these first weeks of life without Lulu in residence, I thought it might be enlightening to ask people about their own experiences: BS (mid-fifties-ish), California “At first it was hard but soon I was just happy to have my house to myself again. I’m […]

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Sep 29 2007


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I guess one of the things that makes it difficult when a person leaves your daily life—a breakup, a death, even a child’s leaving home—is having to go through things a first time without them. This morning I had to go through my first spider without Lulu. If she’d been here she’d have appeared by […]

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