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May 24 2009

Godless in Albany

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I dreamed last night that a Catholic priest interviewed me to evaluate how good a person I am. His decision: 3.2 on a scale of 5. I defended myself, pointing out that I am thoughtful, compassionate, honest, generous… “Yes, but you’re not Catholic. You’re not even religious.” He also read some of my writing, declaring […]

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Oct 04 2008

Anxiety Dream #2

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I had just remodeled my living room when lava started seeping in through the base of the front wall. Within seconds a grey, steaming, bubbling skin had covered the floor leaving only tiny bare patches of oak. Suddenly I realized: Damn, I shouldn’t have turned on that lava machine!, which I guess was a feature […]

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Oct 03 2008

It Has Begun

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I had my first bone-rattling pre-travel anxiety dream last night. Some nerdy guy in his forties was in a motel room near mine, packing for our rafting trip that was to leave that morning. He was rolling up a big scrolling paper that looked sort of like the Torah. It’s homework Mom wants me to […]

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