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Jan 04 2008

The Heat Is On

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I just looked at my plane reservations and realized I’m leaving a day sooner than I thought. I’m also leaving from a different airport. In my rising hysteria at trying to get everything done before I leave, I’m having trouble prioritizing: spend time with Lulu since I won’t see her for six weeks, or meet […]

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Oct 23 2007

Nepal or Not Nepal

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Cheryl & I just Skyped. It appears we’ve had a miscommunication — a friendly one. She’s had a long-term plan to trek with another friend this spring. I could swear I remember her saying that, because of this, spring is not an option for my visit. She thought she’d told me that she can shuffle […]

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Oct 10 2007

Day of Reckoning

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This uncertainty has gone beyond ridiculous. Do I rest my foot or exercise it? Pack or wait? Keep reading about Nepal or start researching a geographically level destination? Even work is affected: To tackle Task XIVa2.7WL or skip to Item PN1426b47.935? I ask everyone: What would you do? Would you go or would you stay? […]

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