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Oct 07 2020

Small’s Eyes

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Recently Molly digitized a lengthy VHS tape that features a series of three Kennelly School of Irish Dance performances at a St. Paddy’s day festival in Calaveras, CA, in 2000. I’m not sure who was behind the lens. It could have been Lila’s husband, Brad, or Shirley’s husband, Scott. I edited it down to a […]

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Oct 06 2020

The Mouths of Babes

As I was digging through old files on my computer the other day, I came upon one that got me curious. It was labeled “mollyisms,” and I tried and tried to open it but it was corrupted or just too prehistoric. Driven by curiosity I persisted, and voilà: documentation of toddler Molly’s quotable quotes appeared […]

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Sep 24 2016

Final Bits

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I’m home. Suitcase is unpacked. Laundry is done. Bills are paid. E-mails are caught up. I fixed the blog so trip photos pop up bigger in new windows. With my granddaughter I’ve baked a strawberry cake (from a mix) that’s shaped like a beehive. I’ve talked to Maw for an hour and a half. Bug […]

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