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Sep 22 2009

Bowling, Revisited

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Linhong Zhou just e-mailed me a photo she took on our bowling night. I love it so much I want you to see it, even though it’s old news. Frying one’s computer is not only expensive but taxing on time and spirit. Critical files have gone missing: passwords, financial records, four years’ worth of e-mails… […]

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Sep 21 2009

Happy 5770!

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—“Yesterday I spilled half a glass of lemonade into my computer,” I told Sehoon, the SIT tech person, this morning. “Why isn’t it working any more?” He gave me the look that technical people with five monitors on their desk give the proletariat. —“What did you do when that happened?” —“I turned it upside-down and […]

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Jul 08 2009

Snipers, Warriors & Hawks

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I slept really late this morning. It might have something to do with the two sleeping pills I took last night. Also the mental weariness brought on by the long (and continuing) wait to hear from SIT admissions, and the anxious inertia that’s engendered. This morning’s horrible dreams are also infecting my thoughts and mood. […]

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