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Sep 08 2008

Scenes from Childhood: In the Secret Garden

I just got back at midnight from the East Coast. I’ll put up West Virginia and Virginia pictures later. In the meantime, Barrett Golding’s recent posting on his blog has inspired me to get back to uploading my old radio stuff. Here’s In the Secret Garden, about the magic kids discover in the natural world:

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Jun 17 2008

Scenes from Childhood: When the Bell Rings

Draco the Dragon and Spittin’ Willy. The sissy, the shrimp, the scholar and the bully. Meet them in this glimpse into the classroom and the playground.

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May 24 2008

Scenes from Childhood: Skating on Thin Ice

I wonder how many times I heard the warning: “Ginna, you’re skating on thin ice!” This episode explores the joys of getting into trouble. You’ll hear: John Waters talking about his favorite game of imagination, “Car Accident” A young me threatening to spank a car’s tires, and an older me watching home movies with my […]

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