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Mar 25 2020

Day 9: Inertia

I wrote too much yesterday so I’ve run dry. Today is hard. I can’t think of anything new to do. Spent additional time with tech support people on chat this morning, and they finally got my blog’s back-end behaving again. Almost. But of course things are going to get a lot harder before they get […]

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Jan 16 2020

Phantoms, Jesters & Elephants

I’ve been saving up a bunch more malapropisms and other silly quotes and keeping them on a “Sticky” on my laptop. Now it’s time to immortalize them on Bloggy. My mother, name of “Small,” has sent me a few that she’s stumbled upon:  “Let’s hope that it is not a case of sore grapes.” —Scottish […]

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Apr 20 2018

Trading Cards and a Malapropism

From the Cuddledown Linens website: “Love the softness & quality of this sheet. So comfortable to sleep on. Will defiantly buy more of these sheets.” I forgot to put up my 2018 trading cards. Here they are. They’re 4×6: embroidery with other embellishments. I don’t really like them, except maybe the dog.

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