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Jul 21 2015

Art Appreciation

If I do say so myself, I am pretty good at identifying the subject matter of Ember’s artistic creations. There was the drawing that everyone said was a centipede, but I knew at first glance that it was a dog. And then there’s this PlayDoh creation: When Em showed it to me, I guessed it […]

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Jul 31 2009

Trail of Tears

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I got home from Boston a few hours ago. The logistics of this whole transformation are overwhelming enough, but the heartbreak I’ve started to feel at the goodbyes is hardest to manage. I was homesick in Vermont, and I’m even more homesick since I got home, in anticipation of the Real Thing that’s just around […]

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Jan 01 2009

Need More Photo Advice Pls

Editor’s Note, late January: I did make it to the meeting, where I got the following comments from the critique lady: “The bicycle one is too busy to my eye. But these might make good travel photos.” Oh well. Original Post, January 1: I’ve finally worked up the nerve to attend a meeting of a […]

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