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Feb 13 2010


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In México, some night watchmen make their rounds in the daytime. You can hear others at 2:00 am, sounding their presence every few seconds with a deep, flutey whistle. It’s mournful, like a faraway steam engine approaching and fading away. As I understand it, the function of the noise-making is to make sure they get […]

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Feb 09 2010

Time Machine

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Now let’s go back in time so I can catch up on this here thang. I’ve just been working all the time, and going to Spanish class up until that day I got drenched and the teacher didn’t show up. My advisor has come to town, as I mentioned, and that greatly increases my workload. […]

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Feb 02 2010

Curly-Headed Hound

I hate poodles. I’ve never liked them. I know that’s doggist of me, but it’s true. And now I dislike them more than ever. Here’s why: I know from having spent time in places without much infrastructure that you always look down when you’re walking. Otherwise you’re liable to fall into a hole or trip […]

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