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Feb 20 2012

Oneself & Others

Eleni and Emmy spent the night last night. This morning Eleni told me about a dream she’d had, in which “a man self-immolated a woman.” She acknowledged the oxymoronic nature of the statement, and then we went on to elaborate on the idea: He doesn’t give me any self-respect. He self-motivates me. She wrote an […]

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Jan 31 2012

Ode to Bun

Mom was at a church-lady meeting at the other day, where the biddies were discussing pros and cons of constructing a new holy building. At the end of much debate, a certain Mrs. R____ [not my mother this time], chimed in. “I say we should grab the bull by the balls and run with it.” […]

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Jan 16 2012


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You know what’s a pretty word? Madrugada. (It means dawn.) Poor Eleni. Every time we video chat, I give her a cursory greeting and then it’s Where’s Emmy? I want to talk to my baby! The good girl that she is, Eleni produces for the camera one perfect grandchild. I open my mouth as wide […]

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