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Aug 03 2013

Relaxed As

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As I type, my eyes are drifting shut. Molly just brought me some tea, trying to wake me up, and I spilled it all over my chest when I nodded off. I guess it’s gonna take a few days to reacclimate. I’m so tired that random phrases are drifting somewhere near to my consciousness, things […]

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Oct 22 2007

What Would Meriwether Do?

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I have a question for you. (Yes, you.) Up until now, most of my few visitors have tiptoed through here, leaving in their wake only the faintest stirring of breeze. But now I’m begging you (yes, you): before you move on through the Internet, please offer up a morsel of your wisdom. I’ll go nuts […]

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Oct 15 2007

A Squeaky Heel Gathers No Moss

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Despite the subtitle of the Wormlips Blog, I really don’t think it’s all about me. Well, at least not all the time. One way it’s not all about me is that Cheryl has been suffering for the past two weeks from a particularly brutal South Asian disease of uncertain diagnosis. I get to see her […]

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