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Dec 15 2014

‘Tis the Season, Yet Again

I do miss my radio days. For old time’s sake, here’s my half-hour Christmas/Winter/Solstice/Kwanzaa documentary. Enjoy. Every week or so, I check Google for news of Bill Bricker, to see if there are new developments I’d been unaware of. Today I found an article in a British newspaper, of all things. The number of victims stepping forward […]

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Dec 05 2014

My Mother the Poet

I found this draft of a post from two years ago, which for some reason I never published. Since ’tis the season once again, I may as well show it to you belatedly. Back then, I wrote: Today I received a small box of familiar Christmas ornaments, topped with this hand-penned explanation from my skilled […]

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Dec 31 2011

Carretera Sinuosa

Much of New Year’s Eve Day was spent getting beautified beyond reason at the salon, where I asked them to wash away the grey, trim away the detritus, blow-dry the frizz from my mane, brighten up my finger nails, and tear the hair off my chin. During the process, I looked like a withered old […]

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