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Sep 22 2014

But I’m Alive

Yesterday someone thought I was dead. What happened was, I was at a party and I introduced myself. “I’m Ginna.” “Ohhhh,” said the person I was talking to. “I remember you. Ginna H___ , right?” Wrong. That Ginna died a few years back. In conversations yesterday, I heard two words I had to look up: puerile (from […]

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Jun 30 2014

How Not To Get a Job

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Not getting jobs is what I specialize in these days. Let me tell you how I do it. Let’s say you’re applying for a job delivering groceries. That requires a lot of, you know, driving. Let’s say you’ve made it successfully through the first interview so you’ve really got a foot in the door for your […]

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May 22 2014


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Installment One Maw: I loved your suggestion that Jason sit at a table near me tonight, and Frank at a table near that. Who is this guy, anyway? In two hours, we will have a preliminary answer. Could he be: An Amway distributor seeking contacts to expand his enterprise? An Anthony Perkins/Norman Bates character who […]

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