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Jan 24 2007

Pup 18: Bella

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December 19–23, 2006 [I think] I had to get up in the night with three-month-old Bella, but aside from that she was thoroughly acceptable. I brought her home because all her siblings had been adopted and she was alone and mournful. She was inexcusably cute:

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Dec 08 2006

Pup 17: Cha-Cha Charlie

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December 3–6, 2006 This dog’s given name, “Cha-Cha Charlie,” is beneath my dignity. I call him “Dog.” Dog is what they call a “puggle.” Designer dogs — hybrids of papered breeds — are a big deal these days: cockapoos and labradoodles and shepradors, bogles and beabulls and bockers and basstons. I’m not kidding. Dog, as […]

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Oct 18 2006

Pup 16: Coco Bean

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October 15–18, 2006 Poor little Coco: not needed. I’m trying not to identify too much. Coco is probably the most trying dog I’ve fostered. Part bullet and part barnacle, she relentlessly flew at me and then stuck where she landed. Try walking down a flight of stairs, vision blocked by the 40-pound laundry bucket in […]

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