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Jul 16 2015

Farewell, Farewell

Molly moved in with me about two-and-a-half years ago, when I was sick. It has been (mostly) a joy having her here. (Having to take turns for the shower is a pain.) My heart is breaking because she moved out yesterday. I couldn’t be happier for her — exciting new job in Silicon Valley, wonderful new house […]

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May 20 2015

To the Mountains and Back

How do I get my iPad to stop barking whenever I receive a phone call? Why does it bark instead of, say, whine? Why does it make a peep at all when I can’t answer the call via the iPad anyway? It really is very annoying, and mysterious. Eleni made a classic remark the other […]

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Apr 30 2015

Night Visiting Song

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Before I misplace it, I’d like to include this video of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite singers in one of my most favorite bands: The Night Visiting Song sung by the Dubliners’ Luke Kelly, who is standing next to another of my favorite singers, Ronnie Drew (the one with the […]

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