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Oct 26 2020

The Cold War

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Good news on my paint-speckled car. One of the men working on my neighbor’s house spent two full hours trying to scrub off the constellations of teeny dots. It’s not quite like before, but plenty good enough for me. Phew. During the presidential debate last week, there were times when Trump made me laugh out […]

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Oct 07 2020

Small’s Eyes

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Recently Molly digitized a lengthy VHS tape that features a series of three Kennelly School of Irish Dance performances at a St. Paddy’s day festival in Calaveras, CA, in 2000. I’m not sure who was behind the lens. It could have been Lila’s husband, Brad, or Shirley’s husband, Scott. I edited it down to a […]

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Oct 06 2020

The Mouths of Babes

As I was digging through old files on my computer the other day, I came upon one that got me curious. It was labeled “mollyisms,” and I tried and tried to open it but it was corrupted or just too prehistoric. Driven by curiosity I persisted, and voilà: documentation of toddler Molly’s quotable quotes appeared […]

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