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Apr 24 2008

Tattoos Four & Seven: Lightning Bolts

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This story of Yo-Nenny’s fourth tattoo is one (in her own words) of pain and vanity. We don’t get to see it since she’s since covered it up with another tattoo. Like tattoo number three, it was hand-done by a friend. “Does it hurt more to get a hand-done tattoo than a machine-done one? Every […]

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Apr 22 2008

Tattoo Three: The Star

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Yo-Nenny got her third tattoo a month after her second, when she was sixteen. It was one of those things … I was hanging out with a friend — I wasn’t close to her — and it just came out of boredom. She gave me the tattoo. I gave her one, too. There was no […]

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Apr 21 2008

Tattoo Two: The Wave

Here’s the story of Yo-Nenny’s second tattoo. She got it about a month after her first one, when she’d just turned sixteen. I went straight home after getting my first tattoo, looking for inspiration for my next one. I got the idea off a mirror that my brother gave me from The Met. I looked […]

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