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Apr 15 2020

Day 30: A Creative Challenge

I drove my car for the first time in a week, and ventured further than I’ve been in a month: about 1.5 miles down to a small beach on the bay. We’re permitted to go to parks for exercise, as long as we keep apart from our walking companion and everyone else. So I met […]

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Apr 14 2020

Day 29: Mortality

Last night I dreamed I went to the doctor for a checkup and found out I was in the advanced stages of a terminal disease, with only weeks to live. Granddaughter Ember was in the room and I gazed at her with overwhelming grief that I wouldn’t get to see her grow up and I […]

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Apr 13 2020

Day 28: Editor’s Note

The editor and publisher of The Wormlips Scrapbook has an important message. If you are subscribed to this blog and are tired of the slew of recent post notifications crowding your inbox, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of those emails and I’ll never even know you’ve done it. If for some […]

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