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Mar 31 2017


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Whuh? Two posts in one day? It cannot was. I just want to tell you about tetratychs. They’re four-paneled paintings. You can also call them, more generally, polytychs. I did one, and just finished it today. I should probably post the paintings separately, but here’s the collective photo. That’s all I’m willing to say at […]

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Dec 20 2014

News R Us

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Among the many functions of the Wormlips Scrapbook is to keep track of events in my tiny life. Most recently, one facet of that has involved Bill Bricker. My allegations have finally hit the news. From the Chicago Tribune, December 11: Ex-Winnetka teacher accused of molesting third child at camp Bill Bricker engaged in ‘immoral act’ […]

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Nov 04 2014

Justice Served?

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Several years ago I wrote about Bill Bricker, a camp counselor who had a tendency to molest children. Just for fun, last night I decided to Google him to see what’s up. What I found totally delighted me. On that very day, he was in court facing pedophile charges. More than 45 years after William Bricker’s […]

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