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Apr 21 2020

Day 36: Dogless in Albany

Squirrels are taking over the universe. Sometimes there are three or four at once chasing each other around my tiny backyard. Yesterday several of them leapt into my little peach tree and proceeded to eat all the blossoms off. Five minutes ago I heard a scuffle on my porch over there, five feet behind me. […]

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Apr 20 2020

Day 35: Grazing

Here’s a Vizsla. I know a lot of people are staying in touch via telephone and Zoom, but what on Earth do they all have to talk about? Even those who are still working (and thus presumably engaged mentally, or at least being productive) must find it tricky, don’t they? My own days are so […]

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Apr 19 2020

Day 34: The Verdict

This just in: the toilet paper contest is over, and if your bets were on the Charmin Mega—with its boast that each roll is equivalent to four of the competitors’—you’re bound to be disappointed. Costco’s Kirkland roll lasted 7.5 days, versus Charmin’s mere 7.334. Elegant in my sugar-skull mask, I walked fifteen minutes through the […]

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