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Sep 11 2020


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In yesterday’s post I neglected to include something crucial: a tribute to Chesapeake Allison. Chessie, along with her brother Percy, came into our household (Eleni’s cat had kittens) in 2003, when she was only days old and Molly but 14. My father (who died shortly after) and mother helped name Chessie, after the mascot of […]

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Sep 10 2020

End Times

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Man, yesterday was weird, when, because of the fires, which are a result of climate change, despite what the deniers say, the sky went red and the sun couldn’t break through until late in the afternoon when the atmosphere lightened from brick to yellow ochre before going dark two hours before sunset. (If Proust gets […]

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Jul 24 2020


The days roll on, each as empty as the last. Virus numbers continue to climb throughout this county, state and country. Meanwhile, officials in many areas plan to open up schools. I’m terrified about the state of the U.S. on just about every level. Eleni and I talked about moving somewhere like Costa Rica if […]

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