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Nov 11 2010

This Is So Cool

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Who would have dreamed that I could reach new pits of darkness at my advanced age? A gal like me doesn’t even need death or destruction to set her off. Just garden variety loss: of structure and direction. Of friendship. Of objectives. Of sense of belonging. Of strength. I just don’t have enough bootstraps. Or […]

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Oct 17 2009

[Un]Dead MAT Society

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The MAT (master of arts in teaching) workload is intense and without respite. So for levity if not education, two professors planned a surprise activity. They had us reenact a pedagogical version of the Dead Poet’s Society. [flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/deadpoets.flv image=wp-content/video/deadpoets.jpg /] By the way, see the little garage thing in the background? It was the […]

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Aug 12 2009

Movie Night

Last night I stayed with Lulu again and she forced me to watch to movies. I hate watching movies. Still, she knows my taste and always has good recommendations (except for Big Fish, which she insisted I watch right after Dad died. Bad.) The first was But I’m a Cheerleader, a surrealistic and amusing love […]

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