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Sep 26 2020

No Wood Fire

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As I’ve surely told you by now, when I was little my father occasionally gathered the family—Ma, my older brother Jay, younger sister Kate and me—around his big old tan Ampex reel-to-reel recorder for “Family Nights,” during which he’d interview us in turn and have us each perform little songs and answer a variety of […]

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Jul 12 2018

Without Due Process

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In 1982–1983, when Haitian “boat people” were surviving treacherous seas only to be incarcerated when they reached U.S. shores, Adi Gevins and I produced a documentary* about then-current U.S. immigration policy, and the parallels to the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans. In 1982, it was the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); now, it’s Immigration […]

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Aug 08 2016

Big Love

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It is truly beyond belief how much I love my granddaughter. Jason recorded this bit of audio on June 23, 2016 [Ed. note: Eleni says this is about 1.5 years old.]; it captures her innocence and her sweet voice makes my heart go thumpa thumpa thumpa. [Don’t despair if you don’t see any video; it’s […]

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