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Jun 30 2020

Day 106: What Might Have Been

During our video chat a couple afternoons ago, granddaughter Ember was asking little brother Jesse to turn off the sprinkler so it wouldn’t get the phone wet. I couldn’t see where the faucet was, so I asked Ember: “Where do you turn off the water?” “Same place we turn it on,” she replied quickly, probably […]

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Apr 30 2020

Day 45: Backyard Wildlife

Forty-five days we’ve been in isolation. That’s not nothing. Perhaps it’s silly for me to be keeping count of how many days have passed, as I do with each post. But, if nothing else, I think it might be important for my personal historical record to track how long this experience lasts. The only exciting […]

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Apr 25 2020

Day 40: Demolitions

You may have noticed that I posted later in the day than usual. I usually hit Publish a while after lunch, so that each post represents the first part of that day and the second half of the one before. Molly gently pointed out my flawed logic and wondered if I might consider putting up […]

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