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Sep 12 2016

It’s Kimberly’s Fault

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As I write, howler monkeys are chortling from the treetops and birds in brilliant blues, yellows and reds are zipping among flowers of similar color. The smell of ripe fruit hangs in the air. So let me tell you about my night walk in the jungle. It’s low season here, maybe on account of the […]

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Sep 05 2014

Thoughts About Exercise

I hate exercise. It’s boring, and hard work. I’m lazy. I wish exercise were a service you could have done for you, like a haircut. “I’m going to get my exercise done today.” Instead of a brisk walk up the avenue, you could be pulled along on a cart that has a meter up front; […]

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Jun 25 2014

Past & Present

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For the past couple months I’ve been chipping away at a little art project, inspired by Rubén Guzman’s Oaxacan woodcarving class and by Pat Tong, who is ever doing creative things that pique my curiosity. I finally finished painting it yesterday. It is sort of a frog-turtle. With all the free time I have, you’d think […]

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