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Sep 11 2020


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In yesterday’s post I neglected to include something crucial: a tribute to Chesapeake Allison. Chessie, along with her brother Percy, came into our household (Eleni’s cat had kittens) in 2003, when she was only days old and Molly but 14. My father (who died shortly after) and mother helped name Chessie, after the mascot of […]

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Jun 30 2020

Day 106: What Might Have Been

During our video chat a couple afternoons ago, granddaughter Ember was asking little brother Jesse to turn off the sprinkler so it wouldn’t get the phone wet. I couldn’t see where the faucet was, so I asked Ember: “Where do you turn off the water?” “Same place we turn it on,” she replied quickly, probably […]

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May 19 2020

Day 64: Life Decisions

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I have been an anxious mess for the past 24 hours, ever since making the plan to go meet the rescue pup, Dusty. My insides are on fire. First, I was worried about logistics, like finding my way to the foster mother’s house. And then all the rest: should I even be looking at a […]

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