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Jun 30 2020

Day 106: What Might Have Been

During our video chat a couple afternoons ago, granddaughter Ember was asking little brother Jesse to turn off the sprinkler so it wouldn’t get the phone wet. I couldn’t see where the faucet was, so I asked Ember: “Where do you turn off the water?” “Same place we turn it on,” she replied quickly, probably […]

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May 19 2020

Day 64: Life Decisions

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I have been an anxious mess for the past 24 hours, ever since making the plan to go meet the rescue pup, Dusty. My insides are on fire. First, I was worried about logistics, like finding my way to the foster mother’s house. And then all the rest: should I even be looking at a […]

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Apr 30 2020

Day 45: Backyard Wildlife

Forty-five days we’ve been in isolation. That’s not nothing. Perhaps it’s silly for me to be keeping count of how many days have passed, as I do with each post. But, if nothing else, I think it might be important for my personal historical record to track how long this experience lasts. The only exciting […]

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