Nov 08 2020

Hour of Decision

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This will be short. I just wanted to note here for posterity, with great relief, the election of Joe and Kamala. 

Never has the blaring of horns cheered me so. Yesterday, over on the avenue a few houses down, waves of passing cars—big American ones with deep, loud voices and wee imports with mosquito-pitched ones—celebrated Biden’s victory. Even today there’s still the occasional joyful noise of human whoop and holler. 

It was a long five days of anxious waiting for the election to be called, made more miserable by the realization that, whatever the outcome, there are still over 70 million people who support Trump. Some are angry and armed and “standing by.”

Since yesterday morning’s verdict, I’ve been going about my business (mostly pacing) and then suddenly stopping and remembering: Biden won! It’s taking a while for that to sink in—and to realize we’re slated to have our first woman VP, who happens of course to be the first woman of color in such high office. It’s thrilling to contemplate. But boy are they inheriting a country in tatters.

It’s also exciting to have a president from my hometown. If you come in to the train station on French Street downtown—as Biden did every day for years—and head up through the financial district, you’ll see a sign that says, “Wilmington: A Place To Be Somebody.” At least it used to be there a couple years ago. Needless to say, as one who got as far from Delaware as she could, the slogan amused me. 

Actually, northern Delaware (where Joe lives) is quite a lovely place, with gently rolling green fields and forested hills. You’ll even see the occasional Belted Galloway. I won’t talk about how I used to go back there at least three times a year, pre-pandemic, to visit Small, who is gearing up for winter there. “The sun set at about 4:56 tonight,” she told me yesterday. “Could you be a little more precise?” I pressed.

Anyway, Joe: I believe he has a good heart and integrity. I do worry about his history of putting his foot in his mouth, but he’s been remarkably solid lately. The enthusiasm and warmth of his and Kamala’s speeches in Wilmington last night were balms to my soul, especially in light of what we’ve been subjected to the last four years.

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  1. Molly says:


    Biden is from your hometown – and Harris is from my hometown! Ain’t that neat?

  2. small says:

    Three cheers for Joe!! I feel a great sense of relief and thankfulness that America will soon, not be ruled by a narcissistic, power-loving deceitful cry baby\ He never did “govern” — only tried to sabotage Obama’s efforts — and run for re-election — NOT!!

  3. Farmer Pete says:

    Hi Ginna!

    I didn’t see you since September on FB, so just thought I’d check in on the ol’ Wormlips to see if you are hiding out and active here again- Hooray!!!

    Happy takeover of the instruments of the State by the Denizens of Delaware!!! I love your John Cage Symphony of the Streets description of the pent-up ERUPTION when the election was called. As a Son of Delaware and Dad of NYC, I have lived with Joe and the trumpster (never use caps to dignify his name). We’re not taking the sore loser back, except to prosecute his myriad crimes. Florida deserves him…

    Missing you across this newly hope-filled country, hoping that this land is soon to be truly made for you and me! And Small and Katie, Jay, Molly, and Eleni et al (hoping to finally meet the latter two one day!).

    Speaking of meeting again, are you cogitating on being in town for the Post-Pandemic 50th reunion of the TH Class o’ 72? I have never darkened the door of TH since fleeing 3000 miles away after graduation, but I think I will this time… and to check whether the Senior Citizen Gardening Committee in the Retirement Village that took over my Greenville Elementary School are unwittingly tending to subsequent generations of the crop of Maui Wowie that I raised in the bramble behind the school back in ’71… Time for a big Allison/Harrison Convocation of the Clans (casual attire-hoods optional)
    Lemme know. Tim Cates, who has also never attended a TH reunion (despite being a local yokel still), says he will if I do, so the pressure is on, particularly since he is a urologist and promised me a free prostate exam after his 5th drink… Did you ever see John Mulaney story on this
    gripping subject? I think he did it for Jay on The Moth…

    On that note… Git yoself back East, young lady. If not the reunion, maybe we can all descend on Katie down in the holler and down some of her moonshine stash under that West Virginny moon…
    Your ancient friend,

    Farmer Pete

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