Sep 24 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

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On January 20, 2020, Eleni and I exchanged texts:

Eleni: I’m feeling vaguely, constantly anxious [about medical concerns she’d had at the time]. Thanks for asking. I wrote a list of all the upcoming challenges so I can cross them off as we go: ultrasound results, poss. biopsy, biopsy results, telling mom I’m pregnant again…

Ginna: You’re [expletive deleted] kidding, right?

Eleni: Nope. Sorry.

Nine months later (a few days ago) she wrote to me: “I’m certain I’ll be pregnant forever.” I reassured her as best I could: “I’m pretty sure you’re right: this tends to be a permanent state.”

But I was wrong, apparently. Just over 24 hours ago (a day before the due date), a new little human appeared. The labor was nasty, but only a handful of minutes after the birth, even before the placenta delivered, Eleni and family FaceTimed me to give me the news by wordlessly holding up the camera to their domestic scene (the baby was born at home, in large measure to stay out of the hospital during coronavirus). At first when I saw Eleni lying there looking exhausted, I thought she was still in labor. But then I saw it: a tiny red-faced bundle nestled into her right arm. I couldn’t help myself: I shrieked, but then regained my composure and just marveled for a while at the sight of this little squeaking creature: my third grandchild. After a bit, Ember came in and did her job, by telling me she had a… sister. Here she is on her first day of life, shortly after her entrance.

Many names are under consideration but, to my knowledge, none has been decided upon, as of this second.

I will have reached the end of my two-week self-quarantine by Monday, at which time, forest fires and life’s weirdnesses permitting, I will venture up to Chico to see the little pumpkin and her family for myself, and also to celebrate Ember’s tenth birthday.

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  1. Molly says:

    That perfect little face! So excited at the existence of my new wee niece. Please soak her in extra on my behalf when you’re up there.

  2. Small says:

    It’s really exciting! And so nice to have GOOD news, for a change. Little ??? is very cute. ( I’ll be glad when I can think of her, with a name attached!)

    Keep sending pictures, as that is probably the only way that I will ever know my newest great-grandchild!

  3. Syd says:

    Wow. Just wow. New life during a pandemic. May innocence persist and a long and healthy life ensue. Love and hugs to all!

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