Sep 11 2020


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In yesterday’s post I neglected to include something crucial: a tribute to Chesapeake Allison.

Chessie, along with her brother Percy, came into our household (Eleni’s cat had kittens) in 2003, when she was only days old and Molly but 14. My father (who died shortly after) and mother helped name Chessie, after the mascot of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.

For seventeen years she’s been Molly’s loyal companion. I should say here that I really pretty much detest cats. But this one, I loved. A delicate thing, she was both independent and affectionate. One of her favorite activities, if she liked you, was to knead your thigh with her front paws (only occasionally snagging you with an overenthusiastic claw), and then drool on you lovingly. She was much adored throughout her life by all those who met her. Because of the pandemic, during her final days she was rarely alone, and spent much of that time tucked into Molly’s sweater, or on her lap, or on her shoulder.

Chessie’s health has been failing over the last months. She was diagnosed with late-stage kidney disease, requiring Molly to give her an infusion every other day. That was working. Chessie was happy and thriving. But two weeks ago today she suddenly had an apparent stroke or seizure, leaving her blind and confused. Two days later, Molly gave her the best present she could: a gentle exit from this life, remaining of course by her side.

I will miss Chessie, but nowhere near as much as my daughter will. Goodbye, sweet girl. And sympathies to you, my strong Lulu.

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  1. small says:

    A nice tribute to sweet, petite Chessie! Much sympathy to Molly. What a loss!

  2. Molly says:

    Thanks, Maw. This is a lovely tribute; she well-deserved the title of The Only Cat Ginna Likes. She was such a perfect companion.

  3. Elana says:

    The sweetest cutest kitteh! <3

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