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Sep 26 2020

No Wood Fire

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As I’ve surely told you by now, when I was little my father occasionally gathered the family—Ma, my older brother Jay, younger sister Kate and me—around his big old tan Ampex reel-to-reel recorder for “Family Nights,” during which he’d interview us in turn and have us each perform little songs and answer a variety of […]

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Sep 24 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

On January 20, 2020, Eleni and I exchanged texts: Eleni: I’m feeling vaguely, constantly anxious [about medical concerns she’d had at the time]. Thanks for asking. I wrote a list of all the upcoming challenges so I can cross them off as we go: ultrasound results, poss. biopsy, biopsy results, telling mom I’m pregnant again… […]

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Sep 11 2020


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In yesterday’s post I neglected to include something crucial: a tribute to Chesapeake Allison. Chessie, along with her brother Percy, came into our household (Eleni’s cat had kittens) in 2003, when she was only days old and Molly but 14. My father (who died shortly after) and mother helped name Chessie, after the mascot of […]

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