Jul 24 2020


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The days roll on, each as empty as the last. Virus numbers continue to climb throughout this county, state and country. Meanwhile, officials in many areas plan to open up schools. I’m terrified about the state of the U.S. on just about every level. Eleni and I talked about moving somewhere like Costa Rica if Trump’s corruption and lies get him re-elected in November. Such a relocation will never come to pass, but if Biden doesn’t prevail, our Constitution will be out the window, and chaos in its wake. Guess it’s our duty to stay and fight.

I have nothing to report, except that I have been doing a few drawings based on photos I took. Here’s one:

Squirrel Eating a Peach Stolen from My Tree

In the past week I’ve gone to the farmers’ market and taken my car for a tuneup. Other than that, I rarely leave the house because I’m even more weary than I used to be of zigzagging down the street to steer clear of the many maskless pedestrians on my route. I have the occasional masked and distanced backyard visit, but that’s rare. And I haven’t been into a grocery store—or any kind of store—since March.

To fill the long hours, I’ve been reading (just reread and was confused by Beloved, and have started The Dutch House by Ann Patchett), doing crossword puzzles (I’ve backslid, and now am working from a Tuesday New York Times book, rather than the harder Wednesday one), playing solitaire on my iPad (I just paid $4.99 for the ad-free version), wearing a groove in my floorboards from my mindless perambulations, and drawing more squirrels.

Fearless Beast that I Couldn’t Scare Away

Oh, and I also gelli-printed some cards a few days ago. The process, in case you don’t know, involves coating a flat piece of rubbery stuff with acrylic paint, mushing some plant matter onto the surface, laying paper on top and rolling the whole thing with a brayer. Most of them come out just colorful blurs, but this one (of twelve) was usable:

Oh, and I also made this cartonería creature, which is a little over four inches tall.

That’s all I know.

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  1. Lila Wallrich says:

    Good for you for staying creative! Some days lately I just want to pull the covers over my head. Praying for our country and for all the thinking folks to step up on November 3.

  2. small says:

    Is it wearing booties?
    I get extremely annoyed at people who, careless of others, do not observe the mask / social distancing (not that hard to do!!) thus ruining things for the rest of us law-abiding citizens. So DUMB! and selfish!
    LOVE your squirrels!! Miss you! And, if more people don’t obey the simplest rules — I will have to continue to miss you!!

    DAMN IT!!

  3. Ma says:

    Costa Rico has sand flies! Think Switzerland or Austria!

  4. Ginna says:

    Lila: I know what you mean about wanting to hide under the covers. I’m finding it very hard to be creative, and rarely succeed. No motivation. My fingers and all other body parts are crossed for Trump’s sound defeat in November. I truly don’t think the country can take much more of this.

    Small/Ma: I agree about the annoyance with—in my case, rage at—selfish and careless people who defy rules and spread the virus and put everybody at risk, thereby trashing the quality of life for the rest of us for longer than it should have been trashed. I, too, am worried about what will happen with our October plans. Thanks for liking my squirrel drawings. Well I remember the Costa Rican sandflies. They’re to thank for that quarter-inch pock mark on my left cheek!

  5. Molly says:

    YAY, a new bloggie!

    Can I come to Costa Rica too?

    I really like that gelli print. It’s beautiful.

    I believe that someday, SOMEDAY, you shall graduate into Saturday crosswords.

  6. Elana says:

    I love all of your art!! I am also coming to Costa Rica.

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