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Jun 30 2020

Day 106: What Might Have Been

During our video chat a couple afternoons ago, granddaughter Ember was asking little brother Jesse to turn off the sprinkler so it wouldn’t get the phone wet. I couldn’t see where the faucet was, so I asked Ember: “Where do you turn off the water?” “Same place we turn it on,” she replied quickly, probably […]

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Jun 27 2020

Day 103: Gone but Not Forgotten

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You may remember, from the early days of my time with sweet Bessie, my concern about her possibly being a pit bull cross. Then (as now) I acknowledged my flaw of being breed-phobic. I also told you that my mother bought me a doggy DNA kit (from a company appropriately called Embark), to find out […]

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Jun 22 2020

Day 98: Bessie Update

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I said I would stop counting the shelter-in-place days on this blog, but I changed my mind. Yesterday I did go ahead and donate the rest of my dog possessions to Amanda, the woman who runs the rescue from which I got Bessie. I’d sent her an email asking how Bessie was doing, and learned […]

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