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May 31 2020

Day 76: Big Red Flag

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Today I had a meet-and-greet scheduled between my friend Mary’s dog and Bessie. It did not go as planned. No, it did not go well. We walked them separately for a while till they could get used to each other, and eventually loosened the leashes to see what they’d do. Bessie calmly approached and he […]

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May 30 2020

Day 75: Spoiled

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What a grand birthday it’s been. I got plenty of attention, even by my demanding standards. I communicated with my mommy, my daughters, my grandkids, my siblings, and my closest friends. I got cards and e-mails from people I care about, and even flowers from Vicki and Susie B. Everyone who knows me knows that […]

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May 29 2020

Day 74: Day by Day

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With Trump, every day a new outrage. Yesterday a tweet that glorified violence in Minneapolis. After that was hidden for violating rules, today he issued the same message again from the official White House account. The day before, it was his attempt to muzzle Twitter when the platform cautioned users to fact-check his statement. And […]

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