Apr 17 2020

Day 32: Grey Days

Okay, I know it’s strange-looking, but you try doing a watercolor of an elderly black cat from behind. I’m so done with felines.

Chessie, Departing

I should have sent in that adoption application I’d filled out for Sasha, the appealing German Shepherd mutt whose photo I posted a few days ago. She’s now on trial adoption. I hope she’s found a happy home. Clearly, I’m crippled by indecision about the whole prospect. In the meantime, here’s a different dog I found online. I’m getting tired of drawing them now.

Days are slow. Grey lately, too. Mornings, I usually call my mother (Small) and later attempt a sketch. Afternoons I finish working on my blog. Evenings I turn on the PBS NewsHour and then don’t pay attention to it. If Trump comes on, I experience that full-body shudder I told you about, and immediately run from the room yelling to drown out the sound. And mortaring these activities together are endless hours of screen time. And endless pacing. At least I’m not checking coronavirus statistics multiple times a day (any more). I just skim Times and Post headlines, speeding past those about the toxic slime oozing from the White House.

Ember just texted me a picture of her dog Yuba, with its long snout stretching right up to the camera lens, and she asked me to do a sketch. I took one look at the photo and marveled at her apparent faith in my artistic ability. There’s no way, I thought in my usual manner. But I tried. Anything for my granddaughter. I’ll post the result tomorrow.

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  1. small says:

    You mention that Sasha was out on a trial adoption. I thought you said they didn’t do that??

    Couldn’t you do a trial one??

  2. Molly says:

    I so like how your black cat shading came out! They are SO hard to capture.

    Well, we’ll have to keep an eye on Sasha & on other prospects.

    Good luck with your Yuba drawring! I look forward to seeing it.

  3. Elana says:

    Yes please to keeping an eye out on other doggo adoption prospects!! <3 I say that not selfishly at all of course. I love your Chessie behind- painting with just one color but creating all that depth and perspective is really tough!

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