Apr 03 2020

Day 18: Masks

As of yesterday John Prine was still in intensive care with pneumonia in both lungs. Looking for something else, I happened upon his March 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Concert. He does four songs. I especially like the second, which begins at 3:35: You don’t have to be alone. Just come on home. Oh, but wait. At 7:43 is one of my favorites: All the Best. It makes me sad to listen to this, but it’s so good.

The only things on my calendar over the next three days are four video chats, not including the impromptu Google Duo talk I had with Ember and Jesse and Eleni yesterday. My grandchildren are exceptionally energetic, so it’s a good thing that they have a trampoline in their yard. During our phone video chats, they take me bouncing with them.

Today’s accomplishments: shower, laundry, clean sheets. I tried to make another mask from the New York Times pattern, this one for Ma, and I was so careful and I think I did it just right this time, but it puffs out at the sides even worse than the first. And once I strapped the elastic behind my ears and settled it in place, the whole thing suddenly shot forward off my face like a slingshot. Perhaps I have exceptionally shallow ears or maybe the elastic is too wide. Anyhow, feeling bad about sending an ineffective face-covering to the one who birthed me, I also enclosed my first attempt. Maybe one of the two will work for her.

I like me a dog with a prominent nose.

Molly and I have continued to send Marco Polo video messages in which we sing each other songs, ranging from Beatles to Broadway musical, and Leadbelly to lullaby.

She suggested I make brownies so I did, from scratch, not because I wanted them, but because I could; miracle of miracles, I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, even the last of the eggs. Now what will I do with them? I can’t share them with my neighbors, for fear of transmitting cooties. Elana can’t do gluten. What was I thinking? Perhaps I’ll freeze them.

Later: Uh, what’s left of them.

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  1. Ma says:

    I frequently make and freeze them — in individual packs of 6-8, or so. Wrap them tightly in foil, then put in a Baggie, squeezing the air out , before sealing. Keep for months!

    Unless, as you imply, something eats them, first!

  2. Molly says:

    What a lovely little dog! I like its eyes, particularly.

    I am so enjoying our singing to one another. We’ll try to do another with guitar for you soon.

    I think it is your pandemic duty to eat as many brownies as you can. For survival.

  3. Vicki says:

    Oh the doggie is so good!
    The gums and teeth, terrific! Waiting for a treat!
    The eyes, twinkle! Waiting for the treat!
    Well done hone!
    I enjoy your blog!

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