Apr 01 2020

Day 16: Diminishing Sanity

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The last few days my blog has been acting up and not letting anyone post comments. Thank you, Marianna, for the bug report and the testing. I did fix it all by myself, even without my tech gurus Molly or Jill, but I have no idea how. So anyway, if the spirit moves any of you—my countless readers—to leave feedback: it should be working again. Let me know by e-mail if it’s not.

For weeks I’ve been following and even advocating to others the CDC’s advice not to wear surgical masks unless we’re sick or exposed to the virus in our workplace. The shortage in the healthcare industry is one good reason not to buy them, and it’s questionable how effective they are for the masses. But now that guideline is under renewed consideration: maybe we are safer if everyone wears masks. I’ll be interested to see what develops. Aforementioned Marianna has been cranking out really cool hand-sewn ones in fun fabrics for her friends and her community. I didn’t request she make me one, but if I had, here’s the fabric she had picked out especially for me. Isn’t it lovely?

The good news in local papers is that, in the Bay Area, we seem to be “flattening the curve.” Our infection numbers are climbing relatively slowly. It may be tempting for some people to think that we’re in the clear and can resume normal activities, but no doubt that would be disastrous. Still, now they’re saying May 3 at the earliest for our release from our shelters (those of us who are lucky enough to have them), and there are increased restrictions. That’s a long time away, and the experience—even for a well-fed person who isn’t sick and hasn’t lost her job—is a challenge to mental health. Really, you wouldn’t want to be locked away with me for months, I assure you. But that’s who I’m stuck with.

Boy, do I appreciate Dr. Anthony Fauci.

I miss my Chico family. I had an iPhone chat with them last night.

Jesse & Eleni

Shortly after that, about 8:00, I got a call from two dear (local) friends as they were driving through my neighborhood on their way to get food. We made a quick plan. They pulled up to the curb in front of my house and I stood 15 feet away on the sidewalk. Because they were far away, I semi-shouted to them—all kinds of personal information about my life-in-isolation—for all my neighbors to hear. For maybe 15 minutes, we had our own little call and response in the dusk, and it made my day. We talked a little about why this isolation is hard for us, and for someone like me who isolates by nature. You’d think it’d be a piece of cake. I guess it’s more difficult since it’s no longer a choice, and because the future is a giant unknown.

At the big grocery store up the street, which I visited (wearing purple surgical gloves) this morning for the first time in over a week, they were admitting only 30 people at a time—in theory. In fact, it seemed more crowded than that. There were many more people in masks than last time. I bought a massive artichoke, among other things.

I just checked out the face mask sewing pattern that Marianna linked me to, and watched the tutorial, but the video doesn’t match the written instructions or printed pattern, so I got hopelessly confused and gave up. Plus, the only elastic I have is an eighth of an inch wider than the patterns call for. Ack.

Later: Okay, I tried sewing a simple pleated pattern that the New York Times provided, but it totally bombed. It looks okay when it’s just lying there.

But the thing gaps everywhere, leaving unobstructed pathways for contaminated air to gush in freely from all sides. It also slides down my nose. Guess I needed ear-elastic rather than head-ties. Useless. Into the trash it goes. So I’m gonna be without a mask for the duration. Damn.

Just got off the phone with Ma. We solved yet another NY Times Wednesday crossword. She is so good at them that, even without being able to see the puzzle, she gets the answers in a flash, except she wasn’t able to guess the name of a porn star (Actress Lords was the clue).

Okay, time to publish this, I guess. It’s only 1:52 and I should wait, in case something interesting happens later (ha!).

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6 Responses to “Day 16: Diminishing Sanity”

  1. Small says:

    I think your dotted mask is very becoming!

  2. The Monster Under Your Bed says:

    I’m really disappointed in your mom for not guessing the name of a porn star. Jeez, get with the times!

  3. Vicki says:

    Hooray for your efforts to make a mask!
    I hope you keep trying. Maybe making a little tie instead of elastic would be ok. I’ve heard there is a shortage of elastic at Joanne’s.


  4. Molly says:

    Yay for Chico fambly chats! They are awfully cute.

    Here is an image which aptly describes your conundrum of seeking isolation normally but disliking it now: https://twitter.com/MeredithIreland/status/1245359302300360712

    That is one handsome artichoke.

    I managed to get a grocery delivery order placed yesterday successfully, so I shall avoid the in-person grocery for another week.

  5. marianna says:

    i think if you tied the top higher on your head, it might work. otherwise hahaha.

  6. marianna says:

    are you sure you did the wednesday puzzle from this year, april 1? because stephen did it and said there was no such clue. but it was a pretty cool puzzle with cool clues and answers.

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