Mar 30 2020

Day 14: Hang On, John

One of my heroes, singer-songwriter John Prine, is sick with the virus and in critical condition. He’s beaten cancer a couple times, so maybe he’ll survive this.

I’ve been wandering around the house singing the refrain to my favorite Bert Jansch song: I am lonely. I am lost.

Speaking of which, some weeks ago Molly got me to download Marco Polo on my phone. (Ma: Marco Polo is software that lets you record and send videos to your friends.) I don’t know what possessed me to sing her a song just now. This is embarrassing because I never sing in front of anyone, but I’m going to put it here anyway because what the hell. I can’t believe I’m doing this. And what’s with my stupid bangs?

“I Am Lonely”

My friend Adi just sent me a link to yet another musical number, this one recommended by her friend who’s a science journalist specializing in things like plagues. Don’t play this in front of children, please.

I’m unhealthily wired to technology at the moment, but as long as I cut back after this is over, I guess it’s not the end of the world. If you see me posting here constantly in another month, then it may be time for an intervention.

Oh, wait. You may need to give me more time than that. The SF Chronicle:

The Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order will be extended to May 1 to try and curb the still-spreading coronavirus, San Francisco City Hall sources said…

[Thanks for alerting me, Eleni.]

I definitely don’t have enough toilet paper to last that long.

Gavin Newsom’s early implementation of the rule does appear to be working in California. A populous state, we have “only” about 6,500 confirmed cases now, compared to roughly 60,000 in New York.

I just solved a Wednesday NY Times crossword all by myself. Usually Ma has to help me (via telephone). Expert puzzlers would not be confounded by these clues, but I was:

  • Makes hazy = BEDIMS
  • Tiniest bit = MINIM

Oh, guess what: I just got a text from Anna’s daughter Amy in San Diego, who found some toilet paper on a site called I jumped on and ordered a package. $35 seems steep to me, but at least I won’t have to resort to using leaves.

I painted a dog with funny teeth:

It’s only 11:49 a.m. and the day yawns before me, an abyss. Hope I figure out something worthwhile to do.

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2 Responses to “Day 14: Hang On, John”

  1. Molly says:

    I love your little song! And I’ve been enjoying all the ones you’ve been sending me overall. You have a purdy wee voice. More, please.

    Those are some GNARLY crossword answers.

    I like the gradient-y colors of the doggy-pie.

  2. Elana says:

    I agree with Molly- what a lovely song! More please and thank you! 🙂

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