Mar 29 2020

Day 13: Zoom

Yesterday afternoon I had a chat scheduled with my two daughters. At the last minute Eleni wasn’t able to join us, but I did get to talk to Molly and her feline Chessie.

Since so little is going on in my life, there wasn’t much fodder for conversation, so we used our time together to explore Zoom’s inner workings. Like, you can click a button and this is what happens:

All was going swimmingly until we investigated Zoom’s option to share computer screens. Just to test that capability, I enabled it and handed over the reins to my trustworthy daughter. Big mistake. What does she do but immediately rush over to Facebook and start to compose a post on my account, as me.

I wrested control from her before damage was done. Well, you’d think I’d live and learn, right? Once bitten, twice shy and all that? But I had a technical problem on my blog that we thought she might be able to solve. Within 30 seconds of gaining entry, she had the issue figured out. But before I could stop her, she then opened YouTube on my computer and started to play an ABBA video of Dancing Queen, a song that she knows makes me homicidal. Here’s something all Zoom users, and American voters, should know: if you give power to the wrong person, bad things happen. I started to click the little red Stop Sharing button at the top of the screen with increasing franticness, to no avail. The song burbled on and the images of four saccharine Swedes swayed across my monitor, while Molly blocked my attempts to cut her off. Here’s the truth of it: if the person to whom you’ve granted access doesn’t want to relinquish authoritarian control, you can’t stop him them.

Another auto-generated drawing prompt: A two-headed dragon reading a book.

Oh, cool: Today’s New York Times featured a list of movies under 1.5 hours for people like me with short attention spans. A few of the films looked interesting so, as a reminder to myself, I’m going to link to them here. Maybe you’d be interested in one?

My big adventure today, after not having gotten out of the house yesterday, was to walk in the light rain to the ATM (my branch office is closed for the duration) and then the half-mile to the farmers market, which remains open. An article in yesterday’s SF Chronicle said that farmers markets are safer places to shop than grocery stores. I bought a few things, like fresh king salmon.

On my walk home, as I passed a house reverberating with percussion—Bang de-bang bang THUMP, bang bang bang CRASH—I realized how lucky I am to be sheltering in place with Elana and not a drummer.

The day is still young but I think I’ll publish this now anyway. Bye.

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5 Responses to “Day 13: Zoom”

  1. Cheryl Colopy says:

    Thanks for the laughs–so loud Harlie (my cat) looked up from her cat doze. Frances Ha is good. Also Chasing Coral, though it’s a global warming horror story.

  2. marianna says:

    keep the blog posts coming!

  3. Vicki says:

    I agree with Cheryl, I likes Frances Ha. She reminds me of a woman I used to work with.

    Was she referring to your butt?!?

  4. Molly says:

    I had such a fun and educational video chat with you, although I maintain that my acts were all acts of innocence and kindness. Mwa ha ha.

    I like your dragon! Does it change colors except not very much?

    Those movies all sound groovy. I haven’t seen any of them, but Jessica Williams is great.

    Yay for a cautious farmer’s market outing.

  5. Elana says:

    I love your dragon so muchly!!! I’m pretty sure if I posted that status on facebook I’d get some backlash…

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