Sep 05 2014

Thoughts About Exercise

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I hate exercise. It’s boring, and hard work. I’m lazy. I wish exercise were a service you could have done for you, like a haircut. “I’m going to get my exercise done today.” Instead of a brisk walk up the avenue, you could be pulled along on a cart that has a meter up front; you’d watch those calories tick away like miles on the odometer of a speeding car.

I am still unemployed. I am demoralized. I did go yesterday for a second job interview with a certain organization I shan’t name here, but it involves animal rescue. I have no experience in the field, so my cover letter was a stretch. To convey my animal expertise, I said something like, “I used to keep gerbils when I was young.”

Yesterday Emmy, Eleni and Jason came over. Emmy was lying on the floor, playing, when all of a sudden she face-planted and put her tooth through her upper lip. She was distraught, but only slightly more than the three of us who were watching. There was plenty of blood, staunched by ice. “I just want to go home,” she cried. Unfortunately, she couldn’t; I was scheduled to babysit while they went to a birthing class. It all turned out well in the end. She agreed to be handed over from mother to grandmother. I got parental permission to give her ice cream, which lifted her spirits a bit. We watched all of Frozen on DVD, ate bacon, made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, and rolled homemade green playdough into dozens of balls.

I need a project. I’m burned out on knitting. For a couple weeks I was writing. Six years ago I had started writing the story of my visit to Nepal and Tibet and gotten halfway through, so I dug through my old notes and journals and finished that. It’s about 70 pages so I don’t think I’ll post it here. Well, I could put a link so you can download it: Ginna’s South Asia Story.

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  1. Eleni says:

    What on Earth made you think about exercise?
    Thank you for posting the download link. I’m excited!
    Let me think of projects for you…why not more writing? Building a fairy house for/with Emmy? That’s a thing these days-there are handbooks and online tutorials and even kits for sale containing pre-gathered moss and acorns. Maybe you could go Pinterest- (et al.-)crazy and do colorful little house things:
    Oh! I’ve got it: you could also play Words with Friends with me!

  2. marianna says:

    oh, do i relate to the exercise part. let me know when new technology comes out. and we can knit while being dragged along in the cart. yesss!

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