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Sep 22 2014

But I’m Alive

Yesterday someone thought I was dead. What happened was, I was at a party and I introduced myself. “I’m Ginna.” “Ohhhh,” said the person I was talking to. “I remember you. Ginna H___ , right?” Wrong. That Ginna died a few years back. In conversations yesterday, I heard two words I had to look up: puerile (from […]

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Sep 20 2014

Bringing Home Bacon

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Let me backtrack and tell you a little about the interview process I’ve been going through over the past few weeks, this time for a job with Berkeley Humane. It was Molly who first alerted me to their vacancies, which she’d seen on the organization’s Facebook page, and then on their own site. As you recall from […]

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Sep 17 2014


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Well, Marianna, I don’t know about this. Since we got back in touch, I’ve gone ape-shite about yarn. You know so much about so many kinds of yarn and techniques and patterns and all, that I am having a hard time curbing my enthusiasm. This was a perfectly valid purchase: hand-painted yarn to make a […]

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