Jul 31 2014

Ninna Bonaventure

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Fun with Backgammon Part A

No sooner did I get back from one fabulous adventure than plans took shape for the next one.

It all began with Jason’s teeth. On Monday morning I babysat Emmy while the dentist yanked out six of them. In the surgical aftermath, Jason and Eleni told me about their upcoming adventure to Monterey. Brazenly, I invited myself along. Poor Jason was too shellshocked from the operation to put up a fight. In fact, he graciously vowed that he didn’t object to the idea, but there’s no doubt that I had him an an unfair advantage.

That night, Eleni got on the Internet and booked a room: two rooms, actually. She bought me my very own room. Suspecting that I might feel a little mournful being on my own—single and solitary—she opted to get me the honeymoon package, which comes with a bottle of champagne and chocolate truffles.


Fun with Backgammon Part B

Sadly, I don’t think it comes with a mate. Then she got us all two-day passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Then last night she had another inspiration.

Back online, she wondered if Ember would like to see some whales. For some reason, pregnant people aren’t allowed to go on the boat tours, so she booked a ticket for me and Emmy. She and Jason will get some Quality Time and I will get to go on an aquatic adventure, just the two of us! My marching orders are to take lots of pictures of Emmy’s face as she observes the marine mammals. I intend to oblige.

Now I’m starting to wonder what Eleni will scheme next. I suspect that at this point, the options are exhausted.

Meanwhile, Molly is trying to get me to consider applying to the Peace Corps. She thinks I should go to Mongolia. She’s concerned that, if I don’t get a job soon, I will become unemployable.


A Human Package

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  1. Eleni Papanikolas says:

    So glad you’re game! And you know, the me and Jason QT was an afterthought, but now I (at least) am really excited. Also, they aren’t just rooms but freestanding cabins we’ve got! Did I tell you? I’d actually love to book more activities but I also didn’t want us to feel overscheduled. Plus, that stuff costs money. Yayyyyy!
    Thanks for posting the pictures, too.

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