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Jun 30 2014

How Not To Get a Job

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Not getting jobs is what I specialize in these days. Let me tell you how I do it. Let’s say you’re applying for a job delivering groceries. That requires a lot of, you know, driving. Let’s say you’ve made it successfully through the first interview so you’ve really got a foot in the door for your […]

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Jun 25 2014

Past & Present

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For the past couple months I’ve been chipping away at a little art project, inspired by Rubén Guzman’s Oaxacan woodcarving class and by Pat Tong, who is ever doing creative things that pique my curiosity. I finally finished painting it yesterday. It is sort of a frog-turtle. With all the free time I have, you’d think […]

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Jun 20 2014

Job Hunting

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“Hunting” seems an odd verb choice in the context of jobs. It implies surreptitiously stalking an elusive prey with a high-caliber weapon. In fact, the jobs aren’t even hiding. Bagging a desirable one is the challenge. It’s like trying to catch mercury. Here are some of the “essential job functions” of a position I found […]

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