May 28 2014

Radio Programs: Skip Through the Shadows

I can’t believe I still haven’t put all my old radio programs online. Oh, I’ve trickled out one or two over the past decade, but now—in celebration of turning sixty—it’s time for a full-on onslaught.

The first batch is something I artsily titled Skip Through The Shadows: Scenes from Childhood, a ten-part series about the trials and tribulations of childhood. A labor of love, it took three years to produce, aired on NPR’s All Things Considered, and won a couple of major national broadcasting awards. It features cameo appearances by Kermit Love, Jeanne Ritchie, John Waters, Brownie McGhee, and Fred “Mister” Rogers, alongside people like me as a young’un, my family, and a whole bunch of strangers.

1. I Must Be from Another Planet

2. In My Mother’s Kitchen

3. Skating on Thin Ice

4. In the Secret Garden

5. A Family Portrait

6. When the Bell Rings

7. Windows on a Grownup World

8. On the Threshold

9. Nighttime

10. Memories of Home

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