Apr 04 2014

Let’s Go A’s

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A few nights ago, Molly bought me a huge early birthday present: tickets to the A’s on May 30, a Very Big Day. She looked into having a b’day message on the billboard but it costs $85, so we’re not gonna do that. Can you believe we’ve got the fourth row in Section 107  (first base side)? Quite exciting. Decade birthdays require special treatment.

Should I have a birthday party for myself? Should I rent a photo booth for the occasion?

Early this week I had a lot of conversations with job-related people and did a lot to follow up on leads, but today I’m at a brick wall. If I have to write another cover letter or do more online research, I shall go mad. I have an interview scheduled next week for a company in Nova Scotia that pays contract project managers $15/hour. Yeesh. I’m coming way down in the world. My teaching job was a lot more than that, and we all know that teachers’ salaries are abysmal.

Anna’s coming over this afternoon. In preparation, I went out to the woodpile to bring in… yes, wood for the woodstove. Underneath a bottom log I found a new, friend who is spotted and rather slimy. Does anyone know what kind of salamander he is? (Faith, it’s a he.)


My sister wrote to me about a previous post, asking if possum-merino was a type of animal. I wrote that it’s a kind of sheep that lives in trees. She sent this back to me:


She said to tell people it’s an original Wyeth.

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