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Aug 30 2013

Absent-Minded Professor

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The muse is eluding me. I keep attempting to kick off a new entry, but I get only a bunch of duddy sentences. Just look at these: Do you know how hard teaching is? I’m finally back at work, after nearly nine months’ absence. You should have seen my nightmare the other night. Let’s talk […]

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Aug 03 2013

Relaxed As

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As I type, my eyes are drifting shut. Molly just brought me some tea, trying to wake me up, and I spilled it all over my chest when I nodded off. I guess it’s gonna take a few days to reacclimate. I’m so tired that random phrases are drifting somewhere near to my consciousness, things […]

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Aug 01 2013

My Private Dancer

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While walking to dinner last night we saw a nasty accident at an intersection that we were about to cross. Luckily no one appeared hurt, only shocked, but both cars were totaled. Once again I felt gratitude for our safe delivery from four weeks on New Zealand’s narrow roads. This morning Syd crept out of […]

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