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Jul 31 2013


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Eleni left a blog comment saying that she was eating Kiwis. This is not likely, unless she’s become a cannibal in my absence, in which case I wish she would stop. Kiwis don’t like it when you confuse them with the fruit, which Eleni used to call “kee-wahee-fwoot.” Did you know that kiwis (the bird) […]

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Jul 30 2013

Rotten Eggs

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I’m not going to write much today. Mostly I’ll just give you captions for my pictures. Last night for dinner I ate blue nose, a kind of deep-sea fish. Today on the way out of Taupo we stopped at Huka Falls, “the most visited natural attraction in New Zealand,” for which reason I’d not been […]

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Jul 29 2013

The Royal Moko

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I discovered that there is one thing that Palmerston North is really good for: sleeping. I did so long and soundly last night. It’s a hard place to find your way out of, and we were glad finally to see it in our rearview. Today’s journey was from Palmy to Taupo. Along the way we […]

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