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Feb 27 2012

Topic Sentences

I asked my so-called intermediate students to write some topic sentences for homework. Here are some of them. Shoes can’t be made of weather. War always creates big problem between two people. War is dispiteous but it is important for human. Shoes are so cruel.  

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Feb 20 2012

Oneself & Others

Eleni and Emmy spent the night last night. This morning Eleni told me about a dream she’d had, in which “a man self-immolated a woman.” She acknowledged the oxymoronic nature of the statement, and then we went on to elaborate on the idea: He doesn’t give me any self-respect. He self-motivates me. She wrote an […]

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Feb 06 2012

Rattus Rattus on the Run

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I put the rats in the bathtub (or the bats in the wrathtub) while I cleaned their cage. I thought it was a brilliant way to keep track of them. Are you aware that rats scale bathtub walls as though they’re Green Beret boot camp trainees? Pencil perched demurely on the rim waiting for me, […]

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