Jan 31 2012

Ode to Bun

Mom was at a church-lady meeting at the other day, where the biddies were discussing pros and cons of constructing a new holy building. At the end of much debate, a certain Mrs. R____ [not my mother this time], chimed in. “I say we should grab the bull by the balls and run with it.” No one made a peep in response to this Hemingway.

When I talk with Emmy and Eleni on video chat, I teach Emmy things. Right now we’re still working on Itsy Bitsy spider, Redrum fingers and, most recently, Mean Face.

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5 Responses to “Ode to Bun”

  1. Eleni says:

    You should at least edit out the part where you give your address, especially since you go on to show all the attractive, valuable stuff in your house. I watched the whole entire thing, even though you told me time and time again not to.
    Yay for another post!

  2. Molly says:

    Her mean face looks JUST like my mean face, when I was a wee chile. You remember that video? And indeed, it’s also just like my mean face still looks.

    I watched all the video also, and it made me laugh merrily. I agree with Eleni, though — except perhaps instead of editing, you could password-protect this blog, since our Small has learnt how to do passwords now?!

    “surety, ylenit”

  3. Ginna says:

    Thank you. I hadn’t thought of the address thing. Do I say the city? Silly me!!!

  4. small says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all–and have come back to see it again–and can’t GET it! I am definitely computer-challenged. HELP me!

  5. Oleg K. says:

    Mean Face!!! I love it.

    Captcha: exceed estagems

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