Jan 26 2012

Not Really a Blog Posting

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I don’t know where else to put my little observations of daily life. One day I’ll write a book and I’ll need these tiny details, for a touch of veracity. This blog is no longer intended for readers. However, if you do read, you should leave feedback. It’s just not right for me to do all the work. Where’s the satisfaction in that? I suppose I could lock everyone out, but we’ll see.

I got an e-mail from the California Community Colleges jobs mailing list. A place called College of the Crayons is looking for an educational director. That’s how I read it, anyway. I was quite interested—my kind of place—until I realized it was College of the Canyons.

Today I had my students do an “identity box.” It’s an idea that Genevieve and others have used successfully with their students at the start of a semester. Each student chooses five symbolic items that are important to and representative of themselves, so that their peers get to know a little about them. I guess my idea of “identity” is a little different from theirs. What they chose wouldn’t have been high on my list of objects representing my personality: a bottle of water, a watch… and (for more than half the students) an American credit card.

My elbow hurts. That didn’t stop me from doing Itsy Bitsy Spider with Emmy last night.

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  1. Eleni says:

    Fair enough.
    How about this blog be for your viewers, if not your readers?
    Such a good little girleen. Both of youse.

    Hey-where’s my “Ghosts” password? You do love Molly more, don’t you?

  2. Molly says:

    That child has a very serious face.

    What were your five items? I forget if you told me ALL of them. Please do. I think bottles of water are relevant to *everyone,* given our composition, if not terribly interesting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Which child has a serious face: the big one or the little one? Five items were the ladybug that landed on Dad’s pillow when Dad was dying, a photo of Emmy, a little pig I carved and I forget what else.

    Eleni: Ghosts password I think was hounddog? Molly: is that right?

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