Jan 14 2012

The Quiet Life

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A boring day. Caught up on my blog. Didn’t take a shower till 3:00. Walked carefully into town, trying not to jostle my stomach on the cobblestone. Had a curative lunch of chicken soup near the park and bought a cookie. Later, visited the woman I’d stayed with during my last visit to Guate. She works with women in the highlands who embroider. I bought something; for local color, I’ve photographed it inside our pila (laundry sink).

I thought I had reservations for my side-trip to Chichi tomorrow, but hadn’t gotten a confirmation, so Maria and I tried to get that settled. No, they couldn’t find the reservation; yes, they could reserve transportation one way but not the other; no, the hotel didn’t have any room for me.

Too many obstacles, I concluded, and told the guy never mind. I wanted to go because they have a pig market where I planned to take pictures for Kaytee, but I guess I’ll come back another time.

I have only a few days left here. Since I’m not going on any more travel adventures, I’ll revisit some other ruins I like and get some work done.

Sorry this is dull. I was going to post a video of me talking to someone in Spanish on the telephone, but it was way too embarrassing so I deleted it. I have to learn to talk without such a tortured and terrified expression. It reminds me of the time my dance teacher chastised me after a competition: Why do you look so terrified when you’re dancing? It was because I was terrified.

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  1. Eleni says:

    Not dull at all!

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